Madwoman in the Attic


Madwoman in the Attic


Detail Madwoman in the Attic

Lezley Saar - Religious Melancholia 2012 CMYK Print

Religious Melancholia

Lezley Saar - Edna Pontellier 2012 CMYK 300dpi Print

Edna Pontellier

LEZLEY SAAR - Emily Dickinson - Much Madness is Divinest Sense

Emily Dickinson

Lezley Saar - Unnamed The Yellow Wallpaperr RGB master

The Yellow Wallpaper


Lady Audley

LEZLEY SAAR Lady Audley's Secrete_preview(2)

Lady Audley’s Secret

cropLezley Saar Lady Calantha

Lady Calantha

Lezley Saar - Suicidal Melancholia 2012 CMYK

Suicidal Melancholia

Lezley Saar Bertha Rochester

Bertha Rochester

Lezley Saar  Therese Raquin

Therese Raquin


Melancholia Passing into Mania


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